The best time of day for wedding photos

Although wedding photographers are professionals so they know how to work with lighting and equipment to give you the best possible images, it doesn’t hurt to add to this with the best possible natural lighting for your images.

Photographers swear by ‘Golden Hours’, which are usually the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset (although this varies dependant on the season and country).

During these times the sun is low in the sky, producing a soft, diffused light which is much more flattering than the harsh midday sun that so many of us are used to shooting in. With Golden Hour lighting there is less contrast and therefore less shadows to lose your subject in. The warm glow also helps with adding texture and depth to your images.

Tips to consider:

  • Make sure your photographer is prepped and ready way ahead of time. The sunrise and sunset can creep up on you very quickly and you don’t want to miss out because you’re still driving to the venue or setting up a tripod.
  • Ask your photographer to keep shooting. The lighting changes dramatically every few minutes during Golden Hour, so don’t take a few shots at the beginning and then leave. Rather stay for the whole hour and take advantage of all the different types of light you’ll get.
  • Help your photographer out by taking a torch and a few warm drinks. Sunrise and sunset can get very cold very quickly, so a torch will help you find your way there in the morning and back in the evening, and warm drinks will improve even the most stressed out moods.

What does this mean for your wedding day?

Well, each to their own. If you have your heart set on a breakfast wedding, then go for it! You may not have Golden Hour to work with but your photographer is a professional so they’ll be able to work with whatever time of the day you give them.

If you’re more concerned about having the perfect wedding images, then opt for Golden Hour to be safe. Choosing Golden Hour has some great benefits: other than the amazing lighting, it also allows more time to get ready during the day and it brings with it a cooler temperature which is great for guests and bridal party alike. No one wants to be sweating profusely during a wedding!

Our tips for making this happen?

  1. Have a mid-afternoon ceremony, with family photos and wedding party photos afterwards. Once your reception food has been served, you and your partner can sneak away for some Golden Hour couple images!
  2. Choose a late afternoon or early evening ceremony and then have your entire wedding party images as well as your couple images taken during Golden Hour.

If this is what you’ve decided on for your big day, then make sure to communicate this with your photographer way in advance so they know what you’re wanting and expecting from them.

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