Focus on brighter more even toned skin with oils!

Hi Beautiful Friends,

The world is now focusing on a brighter and more flawless skin. A youthful complexion is not just smooth it’s also even-toned. We now see so many articles about the important of using oils for your skin.

1. Virgin Avocado oil

Now this is my absolute favorite go to moisturizer/hair treatment/face cream that I absolutely adore and cant live without. Even my fiancé has been pinching a few drops when he thinks I’m not looking!! Only pure virgin avocado will do ladies. If you can eat it, slather it. I don’t like anything that contains really nasty chemicals and I am slowly trying to wean out all my creams that contain parabens. No easy task but I am getting there. Ok, back to the oil. I first bought this oil to use as a hair treatment for my ever so dry course hair that I have and want to try and make my hair more manageable for different hairstyles as well as to give it a boost from using different heated hairstyling tools. It creates amazing softness and shine as well as it helps your hair to become thicker and more durable. I use this treatment once a week and I put in a few drops of rosemary and peppermint oil to give my hair treatment a real circulation boost. Ideally try and leave this in for a few hours but if you are not able, an hour will do before shampooing.

Onto the skin, I love to combine Trilogy Rosehip oil (read below) with Avocado oil for extra softness at night and I have to say, I have seen such a difference. My skin feels so soft and nourished and smooth and I honestly cant live without this oil. Now ladies, this is an oil so if you don’t like feeling greasy on your face or body, use this sparingly as it will leave your face and body shiny. I only use this at night before I go to sleep and I do wake up each morning with a huge oil slick forehead you could fry an egg on but hey – it is worth it. Rather oil than wrinkles eh ladies. I have also noticed my dark pigmentation slowly fading and this oil is known to have a reverse affect on sun damage.

Avocado oil has amazing beneficial properties and I know once you start using it, you wont look back.

2. Trilogy Rose Hip oil

I recently bought this oil and it is absolutely amazing. It has won a ton of beauty awards and rose hip is currently the trendy oil to slather on your face as it helps with anti ageing, pigmentation and great for using at night!
Now recently out shopping for nail supplies for my boutique, I naughtily forgot the factor 50 and my face got burnt with the harsh Canarian sun and I have now ended up with a splattering of dark pigmentation on my forehead. Really not ideal months before my wedding! I am no stranger to pigment, a few years back my fiancé and I holidayed in Egypt and I spent two weeks baking in the sun being youthful and ignorant and I ended up with severe dark pigmentation on my upper lip. On the way home, my fiancé remarked that I needed to wax my upper lip as it was getting dark. Its not hair, you silly, its pigment!!!! Anyway, it was very embarrassing but that pigment faded quite quickly and I have always worn a cap in the sun ever since. Don’t want to be walking around with a dark moustache again.
However, the pigment on my forehead seems to be more set and stubborn so I have been exfoliating 3 times a week and applying the Trilogy rose hip oil all over my face. Now ladies, this is no overnight miracle potion and I assume you will have to use it diligently for a few months but I have noticed my pigment improving and the texture of my skin is amazing. The product is 100% natural too which I am a big fan of. The experts claim you can use this underneath your make up but I really don’t think you can and I use this only at night as it is quite oily but that could be because I use so much.

Ladies, you must cover up when out in the sun with either a cap or a floppy hat. I know a lot of us suffer with dark pigment and it can be hormonal but also caused by exposing our skin to the sun, especially as we get older. I know I plan on being quite tanned for my wedding and I may look a bit odd with a brown body and white face but I would rather look like a spook than a leopard! For those of you that do plan on being bronzed for your wedding day, keep the face away from the sun and your make up artist can self tan your face to even things out. I have already spoken to Nicoletta who is going to incorporate a natural self tan spray onto my face to make me look bronzed and glowy.

Have a beautiful week ahead!

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