Things to consider when planning a destination wedding

So you’ve got your heart set on a destination wedding, and that’s amazing! But there are things to think about before you make that final decision and move forward with planning from a distance.

Here are our Destination Decision Makers, take a read through and then decide if a destination wedding will work for you and your partner:

  1. You’ll get a lot of No’s. And maybe this is what you want! If a small, intimate wedding is what your heart desires, then a destination wedding is a great option! Many people won’t be able to afford to make the trip, or won’t have days off to spare, so only those who are serious about attending will make the effort. On the other hand, if you want as many people as possible, a destination wedding might be a little disheartening on the guests front. Don’t take the negative responses as any indication of people’s love for you, it’s just what they have capacity to deal with and pay for at the time.
  2. You probably won’t see your venue until you arrive. Unless you’ve been to the destination before and know exactly what the place looks like, you’ll probably have to go in a little blind. Go beyond the typical searches on Google for your destination, and check out Facebook and Instagram too, to see other people’s images of the place. These will give you a better idea of the lighting and angles of the place so you know what to expect.
  3. The stress of packing. Packing for a venue that’s in your area is stressful enough, now add on a long road trip or a flight and feel the stress triple! Start your packing lists way in advance, make sure you know exactly what you and your partner need to bring and triple check the night before to make sure you don’t leave important items like the rings or wedding shoes behind!
  4. The legalities. Different states, never mind different countries, have certain marriage laws. Make sure you know what the marriage license process is, and that your officiant is still acceptable at your destination.
  5. Hair and makeup people that you don’t know. This seems unimportant, but when you’re used to a certain person working with your hair and knowing your face, it can be very overwhelming to imagine someone else doing it. Look into the costs of having your trusted people there, and if it’s too much, ask them if they know of anyone in the area. If they don’t, delve deep into reviewing beauty people in the wedding area, and make sure to book trials for the day after you arrive so you are comfortable and happy.
If these don’t bother you too much, and you’re happy with a few unknowns and a small guest list, then bring on a destination wedding! Make sure to book your photographer, venue and videographer in advance so they have availability to accommodate you and you’re A for away!

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