Tips for being a more organized bride

Juggling a wedding along with daily life can be really intimidating and difficult. Take a cue from these tips and make yourself the most organized bride out there!
  1. Assign a day of the week to get stuff done. If you’re working full time, then pick one evening every week to do all your wedding admin. Be consistent about this and slowly chip away at all the details that need your attention. This will keep your stress at bay, knowing you have a few hours every week to address pressing issues.
  2. Keep a record of everything. Whether you prefer to use something like Google Drive online, or a good old-fashioned notebook and folder, keep them organized! Have titles for each vendor (photography, flowers, etc) and keep ideas, quotes and invoices in there. It’s also a great idea to have separate folders for the different elements of the big day, like Decor, Vows, Hair, Bridesmaids etc so you can find things simply and without wasting time.
  3. Hire a planner. It’s highly recommended to set aside a part of the budget to have a planner involved in the big day. This person will deal with logistics, vendors and all the fine details you may have completely forgotten about, while you’re hard at work. They’ll take calls, reply to emails and have the arguments so you don’t have to. This will keep things very organized.
  4. Delegate tasks. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid a complete melt down. Assign certain tasks to the people in your bridal party who suit them the most. Ask for help with DIY decor, guest list RSVP’s, making bouquets and arrangements and finding bridesmaid dresses or groomsmen shirts.
Wedding planning doesn’t have to be a headache or a big sigh; if you’re organized and supported, it can be really fun!

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