To End 2019

Anyone who has lived in SoCal knows that we do not have a winter. There have been some years where we have spent the days around Christmas on the beach with a picnic and lazing around in our bathing suits. I know I post a ton of family pictures of us on the beach because that is where we always are!  Believe it or not I tried to encourage my kiddos to remove their socks for these pictures but they refused.  My sister calls us the ‘sock family’.

This was Ben’s second year working for his startup, Monogram.  I am so thankful he had been able to follow his heart and pursue this revolutionary journey in the orthopedic space. For the first couple of years, he hasn’t been able to pay himself a salary.  Brides and Hairpins is doing so well at this point that he doesn’t need to worry about the financial side. We had our collection in all the major retail stores across America.  I believe God created marriage so we can journey together and lean on each other as partners. It is so important to realize that there are seasons for everything.  

So here you have it.  It was a beautiful fun way to end 2019. 

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