My Top 5 Beauty Essentials for Summer 2012

So summer is now here. I am constantly being asked about what the best beauty products are for the summer. And oh boy, I am so excited to write lots of blogs in the next few weeks on all my favorite summer must haves for your makeup and hair kit! Before I even start on makeup and hair essentials,  here are five key must-do’s to make you feel more beautiful than ever this summer. If you follow these tips, I guarantee you will feel better than ever before!

Here are 5 tips that I would love all my gorgeous ladies to follow:

1. Drink water! I cannot stress this enough. My brides know that I am like a sergeant major when it comes to drinking lots of water before their big day, but this should be apart of your life too. I make sure I drink a minimum of 2 liters a day in order to feel my best and think clearly. Water helps detox and stops any unhealthy cravings. If you cannot stand drinking water, just try. Give yourself a week and I promise you that you will begin to crave it daily.

2. Start juicing. A few weeks ago I went to do makeup and hair on a client. She told me that she has been juicing ever since she read my juicing blog and not only does she feel great because of it, but also more full of energy and vitality. She was adorable! Juicing has so many benefits and you get all your nutrients in your body first thing in the morning. Talk about charging up for the day!

3. Exercise. Now that summer is around the corner, it’s always so much easier to get outside and go for that run or fast walk.  If you hate running perhaps buy that bicycle you always wanted. Whenever I see a woman running in the street and I am driving, I always loudly say to myself “You go girl!!”. If you have a great group of girlfriends, make a pact to each other to all get fit for the summer. Start a running club, or start bikram yoga, or each get a bicycle. I am subscribed to every fitness magazine you can find. Getting these in the mail and reading through the pages always inspires me to be healthier and get up off my behind. Whatever it takes to get you motivated to make a change and start exercising, just do it!

4. Start eating right. Eating all the right foods can seriously change your life. It is always easier to eat a little better in the summer months. Juicy watermelon, fresh beet salads, or grilled fish on a bbq. Start making your own food and having less take out. I always like to eat healthy as it gives me a little extra space to have a little chocolate afterwards 😉      You are what you eat. Simple.

5. Be positive and smile. I tell this to myself each and everyday. It’s so easy to sometimes slip into a negative frame of mind, but when the sun is shining, it’s warm and the days are longer, it’s so much easier to look at the joys of life. I feel so privileged to have met such inspiring women through my makeup and hair business. Everyone has a story to tell or a positive word to say. I am constantly being humbled by what I do. Be kind and loving at all times because you never know what someone may be going through and smile, as this may positively change someone’s day!

And those are my must have beauty essentials for the summer! Once you do all these things on my list, you will be glowing from the inside out. Now all your need is a little makeup touch up’s here and there to add that extra gorgeousness! A beauty blog to follow.

Have a beautiful summer’s evening,

Nicoletta Daskalakis is one of the top high profile makeup artists & hair stylists in the Los Angeles area. She is a makeup artist and hair stylist for bridal & wedding, fashion and editorial. Whether you are interested in wedding makeup services, bridal makeup or bridal hairstyling or even just interested in celebrity makeup and celebrity hairstyles and trend you’ve come to the right place to find out more!

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