Top Tips for Healthy Bridal Nails

I usually always talk about hair and makeup, however having gorgeous nails on your wedding day is super important as your hands will also be the center of attention on the day!  Most of my brides have gel done on their nails for their wedding day, but if you want to keep your nails healthy and do them yourself, here are some simple tips that can help prepare your nails before your big day!

  1. Always moisturize hands and feet regularly using a cuticle oil for your finger tips. For those busy ladies, make sure you wear rubber gloves when doing the housework 😉
  2. If your nail polish chips off please remove with nail polish remover, preferably a polish without acetone as I find this makes my nails dry and brittle
  3. Always apply a base coat under the polish. This provides a surface for the nail polish to adhere to which creates a more longer lasting nail look and will also prevent the polish from staining your nails
  4. Do not buff your nails more than twice a week as this will weaken your nail bed instead rather massage your nails to keep them extra strong and shiny
  5. I like to dip my nails in olive oil once a week, this has kept them looking healthy and strong.  You can also rub a small amount of petroleum jelly into your cuticle before you go to bed.  This helps keep your nails hydrated
  6. Try to avoid pushing your cuticles back too much, instead opt for a cuticle softner. If you REALLY want to push your cuticles back make sure you push them back at a 45-degree angle and be VERY gentle
  7. When filing your nails file in one direction to avoid breakage in the long-term
  8. Avoid putting on false nails as this ruins your natural nails (I know I sound like a mom here, but its true, I’ve done it before!)
  9. Try to let your nails “breath” now and again by not applying nail polish
  10. Biotin supplement is amazing if you want your nails to grow and be strong.  I saw huge results after a month of taking them.

I hope these tips help.  If you are undecided what color to choose for your wedding, try a few different colors and ask your friends what they think.  It also depends on your dress, hair style and makeup.  My favorite is definitely a nude nail or a subtle pink shade as seen on Eva Mendes (below).  My go-to bridal favorites lately are from Essie and OPI.  But mostly just have fun with it!!  I have seen some brides this season with a navy blue or bright coral nail and it looked beautiful!
Happy nail painting beautiful ladies!
It’s almost the weekend, yay 😉

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