Top wedding destinations around the world: CAPE TOWN

If we’re looking at destination wedding locations around the world, there’s no way we can leave Cape Town off the list. From mountains to beaches to forests and more, Cape Town has something for everyone, and it’s a dream location to tie the knot!

What: Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and so diverse and unique. Many of your family and friends probably haven’t visited before, and it’s the perfect time to introduce them (and yourselves!) to South Africa and its rich culture.

Why: From rolling wine farms, to beachside bliss; from luxury peninsula resorts, to rustic forest villas, there really is something for everyone’s taste in Cape Town. The fact that it’s on the Rand (a weak currency for most other countries) means it will be more than affordable too.

Who: This is a hard question to answer. For adventure junkies and adrenaline seeking families, there is shark cage diving, skydiving and outdoor hikes to satisfy every desire. On the other hand, for the more relaxed families, there are beautiful resorts equipped with top restaurants and spa’s to enjoy pampering and rest before the big day. For those who are into history and culture, there are plenty of museums, guided tours and historical monuments to check out and learn from (you can even take a boat to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated).

When: Although Summer happens from November to April, this is by no means the only good time of the year for a wedding. Some of the Autumn months, like April and May, are also beautiful, with orange and red hues everywhere. Winter is cold and wet, but still boasts some amazing days. If not, Cape Town has some ideal indoor wedding venues that are romantic and warm.

Tips: Make Cape Town your base during your honeymoon, and explore the rest of South Africa while you’re there! There are so many other cities with so much to offer: Johannesburg, Durban, George and Port Elizabeth are great options to drive to and explore.

For all these reasons and more, Cape Town should most certainly be at the top of your list when considering worldwide locations for your big day.

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