Top wedding destinations around the world: GREECE

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t dreamt of a destination wedding in Greece? Its landscape is practically impossible to beat. With rooftops overlooking the ocean, and secret steps leading to authentic Greek restaurants, it’s an adventure from start to finish!

What: Greece is such a versatile destination. Other than the obvious blue skies, white buildings and pristine beaches, it’s also got forests and mountains that make for the most gorgeous wedding locations to choose from.

Why: Why not is our question! Greece boasts the most epic sunsets, a relaxed island vibe and celebrations with traditional Greek flair: dancing, singing and plate smashing included!

Who: Greece as a destination works for pretty much everyone. There are luxury resorts for those who want air conditioning and room service, and there are rural areas in the mountains or on smaller islands for those who want a more casual, laid back experience. However, Greece is definitely most suited to the beach bums out there. With temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in July and August, it can be quite overwhelming for those coming from cooler climates. Make sure your guests (and you!) are extra careful in the sun to avoid being sunburnt and uncomfortable on the big day, and keep water close by so you stay hydrated.

When: June to September has the warmest weather so you’re pretty guaranteed to get beautiful summer days in the sun. But this time of year has a downside: it’s high tourist season, making hotels more expensive and less available. If you want the warm weather, then plan in advance to make sure you get the places you want for the right amount of guests.

Tips: The legalities of a wedding in Greece can take a few weeks to sort out, so it’s best to hire a wedding planner to get the process started before you arrive. The requirements can differ slightly depending on the island or region you choose, so it’s best to seek help from someone in the exact region, so you don’t get any misinformation.

We love Greece for so many reasons. It suits a variety of budgets and couples, from those wanting five star treatment, to those wanting a relaxed wedding holiday. The landscape is varied, so it’s not all beaches and seaside, and there are plenty of Greek-speaking planners to help you along while you’re not there. We say YES to Greece!

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