Top wedding destinations around the world: IRELAND

If your dream wedding involves something straight out of a fairy tale then Ireland is probably the place for you and your beloved.

What: A place steeped in history and breath taking scenery; think horse-drawn carriages and friendly faces to welcome you into your wedding countdown. Ireland is underrated but so worth looking into!

Why: It’s a beautiful mixture of all the best things: there are rolling hills, unassuming seaside villages, the greenest gardens, castles, manor houses and breathtaking views of the ocean from dramatic cliff faces. Ireland is also a very traditional place, which is perfect for those who love the symbolism of these ancient and respected traditions. Irish people are known for their hospitality, which will also add to the experience of the trip. The rich culture, museums, pubs and indoor and outdoor activities will keep your guests busy and happy. Another reason to go? There are many routes and flight times available to get to Ireland, and international visitors have three arrival airports to choose from. Entry with visas also poses very few difficulties for visitors, and those from the USA don’t require a visa.

Who: An Irish wedding is perfect for the couple who are looking for something more traditional and something with beautiful, unique details (like the cultural traditions or green landscape). Ireland also works for the couple that doesn’t necessarily want heat and summer vibes on their wedding day. Because the Irish climate is pretty much always mild and wet, it’s an ideal location for an indoor ceremony and reception in a castle or manor house, with warm drinks and a long-sleeved dress.

When: May to September will be your safest bet in terms of weather, but you’ll find short rain showers throughout the year so there isn’t much you can do about that. Be careful of picking a date between October and March, as some accomodations (depending on the area) close for these months. And finally, avoid St Patrick’s Day (and week!) altogether, it’s crowded and chaotic.

Tips: For a legal civil ceremony in Ireland, there is paper work that must be completed by the wedding couple 3 months in advance so the application can be processed. Make sure to know your stuff and have it ready in time!

With all this information at your fingertips, we recommend giving Ireland some serious thought!

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