Top Wedding Destinations around the world: MEXICO

Wanting to get married away from home, somewhere beautiful and exotic? Destination weddings are often intimate and unique ways to celebrate your love, especially when you choose a place that means something to you and your partner.

We’ll be looking at some of the top worldwide places to have a destination wedding; first up, Mexico:

What: Mexico is known for its diversity as a holiday destination, with so many different areas to stay in, things to see and activities to participate in.

Why: For starters, the country has a great relationship with the US, so travel between the two is simple and straightforward. Also, although Spanish is the national language, most locals understand English and everyone gladly accepts dollars as payment, so there are no foreign exchange worries. Another great thing to note? There are tons of available flights from many American cities into the prime wedding destination spots like Cancun, Los Cabos and Cozumel.

Who: Because of its 6,000 miles of beautiful coastline, Mexico is ideal for the couple who want to stay within a reasonable budget, but still experience a destination beach wedding. If you and your family are foodies, Mexico is also a great option! There are so many local dishes to try out and the people serving you are sure to be friendly too!

It’s also a great option for the couple with friends and family who have varying ideas of fun. Some friends can spend the day hiking and exploring Mayan ruins, while those less fitness inclined can play a round of golf on a pro course. There really is something for everyone!

When: The safest time to plan a destination wedding for Mexico, is during Summer, which also happens to be high season (from December through to March). If you’re willing to take the risk and save some extra money, try the months on either side of these dates and hope for a perfect day!

Tips: Keep these in mind when planning your arrival dates and important documents. You will need two to four days to complete paperwork, depending on the location and you must have the following documents with you: Drivers licenses or passports; certified copies of birth certificates which have been translated and notarized by the Mexican consulate with jurisdiction over the place of birth; copy of tourist card or visa; names, addresses, ages, nationalities and tourist-card numbers of four witnesses. These requirements vary from city to city, so check in advance to make sure!

Getting married in Mexico is definitely a bucket list dream and something a destination-wedding lover should definitely look into! The place is a photographer’s dream and the experience will pretty much definitely leave you wanting more.

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