Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011: How to get their gorgeous hair

So last night, the angels strutted their stuff on the catwalk for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011.  I just am so besotted with their hair; big, volumous, full of waves and just plain gorgeous!  As a hair stylist, this is the look that (believe it or not) a lot of brides ask for.  It instantly makes a woman feel sexier and ready to take on the world!  I think it’s fab!  This is a style that’s easy for your hair stylist to achieve, however I think it’s important that we learn to do this ourselves so we can look like this EVERYDAY! Underneath this sickening picture, I have given you orders on how to achieve this look!

What you need to have:

  • Large Velcro Rollers (any will do, no need for anything fancy)
  • Large Barrel Curling Iron (As you know I am a fan of the Sultra Bombshell)
  • Hairspray (I am a fan of the Kenra volumizing hair spray as it doesn’t create stiff hair)
  • Mousse (make sure you get a mousse that is non-sticky, you still want to be able to run your hands through your luscious hair afterwards)
  • Teasing comb

What you need to do:

  1. While your hair is damp apply a small amount of mousse in your hair, from roots to tip
  2. Dry your hair hanging upside down.  I love to take a paddle brush and brush the heat through my hair to take out the tight curls, but for those ladies with fine straight hair, just use your fingers to untangle the hair while drying
  3. Once your locks are dry, part your hair the way you want it to go either in the middle (Victoria Secret style) or a side part (the way I like my hair)
  4. Starting from the bottom of your hair (clip ¾ of your hair up), take a teasing comb and lightly tease the roots of your hair.  This will prime your head for the big volume!
  5. Spray a little hairspray onto the hair before using the curling tong (emphasizing ‘little’)
  6. Using the large barrel hold the curling tong vertically around your hair, and making sure that you are switching up the directions you are rolling.  This will make it look more natural
  7. You can skip this step if you want, but I am just following what the Victoria Secret models do.  After curling each piece, create a pin curl with your hair and let it cool down while it is in place.
  8. Again you can skip this step.  For the top section of your hair, the models use large velcro rollers to give that added volume, you may need only four.  Two would be used for the top of the head and the other two on either side framing the face
  9. Once the hair has cooled down, go over your hair one more time with hairspray, and if you need more volume, use the teasing comb at the roots.
  10. Run your fingers through your gorgeous curls, breaking them up and feel free to hang upside down and give your head a good shake!

And there we have it, Victoria’s Secret hair!! Now go strut your stuff and don’t forget to wink at everyone you pass 😉

Have a beautiful hair Friday!!

Nicoletta Daskalakis is a makeup artist and hair stylist based in Los Angeles, CA

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