Wedding items to DIY without going insane

There are two reasons why a couple’s DIY their wedding stuff: 1. They need to save money and stick to their budget, and 2. They are creative and motivated to have items on their big day that they made themselves. Often, it’s a combination of the two! Whatever it is for you, we have some cost-effective items as well as not too complicated to do yourself. It’s an amazing feeling to know you did something yourself, especially when it comes out just as well as the professionals would’ve done it!

  1. Your invitations: There are hundreds of apps and sites where you can design whatever your heart desires for absolutely no cost, taking inspiration from the thousands of images online. Save even more money by sending them to people via email or creating a wedding website; otherwise, head to your local craft store for good quality paper and any extras you might need.
  2. Welcome bags or goodie bags for guests: It’s such a nice touch to give those guests who’ve flown or driven in a little something for their stay (personalized water bottles, a small map of the area, and some sweets) or make bags for every guest filled with items that are practical and useful. This beats giving them something as a favor that they’ll put away and forget about or getting a company to do the bags (and charge you huge overheads for them!).
  3. Decor: If you want simple things like origami paper cranes to hang or glass jars to fill with flowers, then delegate and ask your bridal party to make or collect these things and get a tally a couple of weeks before the wedding to make sure you have enough. There’s no reason to fork out cash to hire the things you can easily do yourself with enough notice.
  4. Signage: Buy some second-hand pieces of wood or paint over ones you already have to create your own signs for the wedding day. From ones that point guests in the direction of Toilets, the Ceremony, and the Reception, to Gift signs and signage for the flower girls to carry as they walk down the aisle, all you need for these is some paint and a steady hand!

As long as you don’t take on more than you can handle, doing a couple of things yourself is a great way to save cash and add your own creative input into some of the elements of your big day.

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