Weekend events for a destination wedding

You’ve been planning your big day for so many months, you don’t want it to be over in the blink of an eye. Prolong the festivities and excitement by including an activity or two for you and your guests; it’s also a great way for guests to get to know each other better if they’re meeting for the first or second time.

Here are our top picks for weekend events:

  1. A local wine tasting: Getting married in an area where this is possible? It’s a great option to get people together for a lazy afternoon of tasting and chatting while you enjoy wines that may even be included on the big day too!
  2. A cooking class: This is amazing if you’re somewhere that’s known for its food culture and amazing cuisine. Get together in smaller groups or just do this activity with your parents and in-laws, or bridesmaids.
  3. A cocktail evening: This could take the place of the rehearsal dinner (if you don’t want one), and guests can mingle and chat the night before the wedding. This way, when they’re seated next to each other at the wedding, they’ll have already met.
  4. Take a day trip: If you’ve chosen your destination because of the views and surroundings, then organize a shuttle to drop your guests in town for the day, or organize a spot for a simple and delicious picnic overlooking the sights. If you’re near the ocean or a lake, then organize a little boat trip with some wine and snacks.
  5. A relaxed BBQ: This is a great choice for the day after the wedding; guests can wake up late and join the BBQ for lunch to chat about the festivities from the wedding night.We love how many options there are for celebrating your love over a weekend as opposed to reserving it for a few hours only!

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