What a makeup artist does on her day off

Hi Beautiful friends!

I hope you are enjoying the Spring (if you are reading this in the Northern Hemisphere) and enjoying the coziness of Autumn (for those reading in the Southern Hemisphere) 😉 Owning my own business means that my ‘mind’ is never really switched off… EVER but I feel absolutely blessed to wake up each day and do something I love! There is no greater joy than to have one of my clients wrap their arms around me and thank me for an awesome job well done. It’s extremely fulfilling! I believe every woman should walk in confidence and know that she is beautiful inside and out! God made her perfectly and yes sometimes a little makeup and a good blow out helps too 😉

Often at times I feel I should be doing so much more, building more, learning more, growing more and no matter how much I do, or how many hours I work into the night trying to achieve all my goals, sometimes it’s best for me to just be. My husband and I are totally engrossed in Downton Abbey, the British Series of a Aristocratic family and their servants based in England and the story is about how their lives intertwine. One of the aspects that stands out to me is the amount of time they have to sit, read, talk and simply drink a cup of tea. Life was so much slower back then. I usually feel so guilty when I sit around and chill, like I either should be working on a new venture or learning something new. I always get a daily text from my mom either telling me to “go to sleep” or “please take some time to yourself”. My mom is such a wise woman and her words always make me stop, take a step back and reflect. To sit in silence is as important as working hard.

I often get asked what I do on my day off, and the answer is…. I don’t really have any days off not while I am doing what I love 😉 I just love and adore my dear friend and fellow makeup artist Brittany. We had so much fun making these ladies look and feel fabulous!

Have a gorgeous day…and remember to sit back, drink a cup of tea and just be!

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