What not to wear as a guest on the wedding day

There are so many different opinions on what’s appropriate to wear as a guest to a wedding. We think it’s important to put thought and consideration into your outfit, since it’s the biggest day of someone else’s life, and you wouldn’t want to dampen it by wearing something truly inappropriate or awkward.

What do we think you shouldn’t be wearing?

  1. Solid white dresses. It’s not your wedding day, so wearing all white is just looking for trouble. White accents or a soft white print is fine, but solid white dresses or white lace is a definite no.
  2. Casual wear. No matter how casual the wedding may be, hoodies or sweats are just never okay. Not even in an emergency. Make sure you’ve packed for a possible weather change and have a sweater or shawl at hand in case.
  3. Nothing that exposes your underwear. Make sure you dress isn’t so low that it shows off the side or front of your bra, even if the detailing on your bra is beautiful and lacey. This goes for guys too – make sure your pants are properly fitted, and if you usually go for the loose fit, opt for a belt this time.
  4. Overboard make up. There should be no one competing with the bride for the most shocked reactions on the day. Keep your make up to an understated minimum and don’t go overboard with the blush or lipstick.
  5. Animal prints. While animal prints in small doses are okay, long length figure-hugging animal print dress is a no go. Rather opt for other prints that are still creative and will still make a statement.
  6. Flip-flops. While flip-flops have attempted to be recreated with bedazzles, sequins and heels, they’re still flip-flops at the end of the day. They’re way too casual and they’re not wedding appropriate. You’re more than welcome to wear flats, but make them proper sandals or wedges, as opposed to the beach-going flip-flop.
  7. All-black. While elements of black are totally acceptable, an all-black outfit with accessories and shoes to match is a little too sombre. Guys, wear black pants paired with a coloured shirt, and girls, opt for a dress with black detailing and pair it with black heels.
  8. Neon and sequins. While the teeny tiniest hints of these are fine, an all-sequined or all-neon dress is an absolute must-avoid. Wearing those things will make you the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons.

We hope this what-to-wear guide has helped you determine what to wear to your next wedding. Make sure it’s about the bride and groom and you’ll be just fine!

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