What’s in my handbag this month!

Well ladies, summer is here and its off to the beach we go and yes, we still like to look good even though we are competing with the heat, sweat, flying sand and spraying salt water. Trying to look fresh under those conditions is tough but here are a few products I carry around to make sure I keep looking beach chic and if a day at the beach does tend to go into cocktails at night, I don’t look like I have been dragged through the sand like a sweaty beast.

Some beauty goodies currently in my beachbag:

1. Maybelline Illegal Length Waterproof Mascara – an absolute must for keeping our lashes gorgeous and full but also making sure we dont end up with two black streaks running down our face whilst we are bouncing in the waves. Not a good look!

2. La Roche Posay Factor 50 – now this is known as being one of the best sun creams on the market and it works really well. Now ladies, I know we all tend to want to get that great tan but I tell you now, protect your face and your chest. These are our most sensitive areas prone to sun damage and pigmentation. You don’t want to resemble that grandma from Something about Mary all leathered like a piece of beef jerky!

3. Smashbox Bronzer – Now I am not one for really dunking myself under water, I love the beach but unless the water is a lovely balmy hot temperature, you are not really gonna get me off my beach towel. Now a good factor 50 does tend to leave your face perhaps a little light so once I have smothered on some factor 50, I do dust some bronzer on my face just to give me an even bronzed complexion.

4. Maybelline Colour Whisper – Fantastic new light weight lip gel in great summery colours looks fantastic and fresh. Now I do like to keep a nice natural look on the beach, we not all celebs in Cannes smiling for the paparazzi but a nice bit of colour will finish off our beach look.

5. 12 Benefits leave in conditioner – its always good to keep in a leave in conditioner at the beach so your hair doesn’t get dry and frizzy and you are rather left with lovely soft beach curls. A great hairstyle for the beach is a side braid and you can even pop in a flower accessory to look really beach beautiful. Pop in some leave in conditioner with your braid and just before a night out, you can take the braid out and will be left with lovely beachy waves.

Enjoy the warm sunshine!

(Beauty editor, contributing writer and sister of Nicoletta)

Nicoletta Daskalakis is a Los Angeles and Orange County based makeup artist and hair stylist.

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