Why I love this beautiful industry!

I recently was asked to do an interview and here are some questions and answers.

Tell me a little about yourself and what you do?

I am a makeup artist and hair stylist as well as a business woman. I am Greek/South African and I live with my amazing husband in Los Angeles. I became a makeup artist and hair stylist because I want to do what I truly love; being creative and working with women. I have worked on hundreds of women with different skin types and tones and hair needs.

What makes what you do different from so many others?

Having traveled and lived in so many different countries around the world, I had the opportunity to learn about so many unique cultures and got to work on so many brides of different nationalities. I love to perfect my artistry skill but what I find more important is my capability to really listen to my clients makeup and hair needs and transform their words into exactly what they are looking for. I take my time and I don’t like to rush as I want my clients to know that their time with me is very important.

Do you specialize in wedding makeup and hair or do you also work in other industries(perhaps include what is your favorite and why)?

I specialize in bridal hair and makeup but I work in other industries as well. Having been a bride myself, I am so passionate about weddings. I know how much detail and heart goes into creating the perfect day, therefore I aim to create wedding hair and makeup on my clients that won’t budge for up to 16 hours. Through experience, learning and using the right products I know how to create the perfect bridal look for on and off camera. I also love working in tv, movies and lately have been working on many editorial shoots. It’s a totally different type of makeup and I love it all.

How did you get your start and what prompted your passion for what you do?

I worked in an Investment Bank for nearly four years, during that time even though I was so appreciative to be working in such a competitive industry, I found myself always wanting to be creative. I have been painting since I was about 4 years old and when I was a teenager, I created paintings and sold them and with that money I bought myself a airplane ticket to London which started my love for traveling and meeting people. Going to beauty school gave me a great foundation, but it was the incredible artists and stylists who I had the honor of working with and learning from who gave me so much insight into this beautiful industry.

How would you describe your personal style and how does that play into working with your brides and their wedding day makeup and hair?

I have often been told that I look and dress like Kate Middleton who in my mind is totally gorgeous, therefore I should be so lucky! I think it’s important to be yourself, and look natural yet put together. Makeup should be subtle and fresh with a pop of beautiful color either on the eyes or the lips. Skin should always look like skin. I love airbrush makeup and how it looks on my brides. I use illuminating foundations like Giorgio Armani and Chanel to create that flawless look on each bride. I like to encourage my brides to wear natural looking false eyelashes, either strip or individual lashes. For hair, I love creating organic and romantic hairstyles that don’t look too sprayed. Bridal hair should look current, and transcendent yet classic.

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