Why I rent lenses from Bokeh Fire

I feel so blessed to work in such a fun industry. Being involved in weddings is so much fun. It has been such a busy wedding photography season for me and I have enjoyed every minute! This year my work has been published in Style Me Pretty, Brides Magazine, Grace Ormonde and Martha Stewart Weddings. I literally have to pinch myself knowing that I am living my passion and following my dream. Combining all three artistry passions of photography, makeup and hair, I have had to look at all areas of my business and invest in the right tools.

Here I am photographing my clients with the lens I ordered from Bokeh Fire. I used the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L, to get the photo above

I together with my second shooter use Canon 5DMIII camera’s. I carry two camera’s with me always as a back up. I own some lenses and others I rent out. This wedding season, I had the opportunity to try out Bokeh Fire, a company who rents out lenses and much more to photographers.

Being a working mom, I needed a company that would fit my lifestyle and convenience is important to me. I have now made a few changes to my business and in this blog I will be sharing with you one of the new aspects of my business:

Bokeh Fire is the best way to try pro quality lenses for Canon & Nikon cameras and here is why I choose to use them:

1. Netflix for Lenses
This is what makes this company AMAZING! I can use any lens, keep it as long as I want, and return it anytime to get the next one. There are no due dates and no late fees. I get to keep the lens as long as I want it without worrying about returning it on time. This is so helpful and I can get to focus on being with my little baby girl when I have time off 🙂

2. I can play with any lens
The service is really well designed. It’s simple and easy to use. Once you become a Member, getting lenses whenever you want them is as simple as ordering online. Bokeh Fire has a large selection of lenses – everything from wide angle to telephoto, zooms and primes. They carry all the most popular lenses, as well as some unique ones and they’re constantly adding to the lineup.

3. Flexibility
Unlimited free swapping and free shipping. (“All-you-can-eat” style program) This means you can try all the lenses you want in one month at one fixed price.

4. Option to “fall in love” with the lens
After 3 months of Membership, you can buy any lens at a great discount. So if you find one you absolutely love, you can keep it! There’s no commitments – it’s super easy to cancel anytime. Just send the lens back and let them you know you want to cancel and you won’t be charged again.

5. Awesome customer service
Bokeh Fire offers free lens recommendations! Aside from the free Lens Recommender tool on the website, they’re also happy to hop on the phone with you and recommend a lens for a specific
occasion. You just tell them what you’re shooting and where, and they’ll recommend the perfect lens for it!

I am going to be sticking with Bokeh Fire for a while. If you are interested in trying out their lenses. Use the code Nicoletta2014 and get 10% off your first month!

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